Welcome to Quality Assurance Training

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance, from the name itself is the act of guaranteeing that products and services match the required standards in the industry. A quality insurance inspector works by determining a set of products and determines if those standards are met.

Quality Assurance Inspector Job Duties

Quality assurance inspectors work closely with products and samples them by measuring and testing if those manufactured goods have met quality standards. These standards are closely guarded by the International Standards Organization and the American National Standards Institute standards. Quality assurance inspectors or supervisors may have several technicians under their authority also performing quality assurance work.

Why Choose a Quality Assurance Career?

Quality assurance jobs are bountiful and can be found almost anywhere where there are industries in the metropolitan.  If you want to have a job that pays good and requires a little investigating then a job in the quality assurance field is definitely for you.  There are at least 82% of quality assurance inspectors being employed in manufacturing facilities and most of them involve around checking standards of manufacturing products. The need for professionally trained inspectors is a booming industry. Manufacturing never stops as long as there are service or goods, inspectors are needed.

Enrolling in a Quality Assurance Program

Quality assurance inspectors require you to at least finish high school and at least be 18 years of age when enrolled in the program. Usually, schools offering quality assurance programs offer a two year associate degree or four-year bachelors degree. Students enrolled in the program are taught in the field of Engineering.  It could be in Mechanical, or Industrial engineering as mostly these courses are the most sought after when it comes to manufacturing. Students are also immersed in real life situations through on-the-job training.

Jobs as a Quality Assurance Inspector

Quality assurance inspector are responsible in measuring products against a set of define set of tests. Inspectors often do recordings and testing daily depending on the required output. Inspectors are also  task in proving reports to quality assurance engineers who formulate plans to improve product quality. Not only that, they are also assign to do charts, and  graphs of a production line.