Almost all construction, manufacturing, technology and technical fields require certification. Attending one of the schools in Indiana will place you ahead of competition. After deciding your field, you must choose your QA training in Indiana. Here are the basic requirements for quality assurance certification in Indiana:

  1. Quality assurance classes are typically interdisciplinary: including business class, as well as applicable fields of science and engineering. Many certifications in Indiana can be taken in colleges. But there are technical programs that offer quality assurance training in Indiana in as little as one year.
  2. Professionals who earn an Associate’s Degree at schools in Indiana, or higher can get paid double. The Associate’s Degree will teach additional skills, including local, state and federal standards. A Master’s Degree in Science will qualify you to work in management positions.

Quality assurance training in Indiana includes the University of Indiana-Purdue University Indianapolis, which is a 4-year, Bachelor of Science program. Indiana University offers a Master’s degree and the prerequisite is a Bachelor’s degree; it also offers a non-degree for quality assurance certification in Indiana. The programs include:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Drafting and Design Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering, including Electronics
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering, including Quality Control Technology
  • Math and Mechanical Engineering

Basic requirements for colleges and universities include:

  1. Application fee beginning at $45.
  2. Two to Three copies of school transcripts.
  3. Birth Certificate and Driver’s License.
  4. Two to three written references.
  5. Application.
  6. Tuition, Fees and Books. Financial aid is available.
  7. After completing the program, a comprehensive test which includes written and application, may be required.

Trade and technical schools generally only certify a student. But some schools will also offer an accredited Associate’s Degree. This option is important for those who may want to earn their Bachelor’s in the future. The requirements for admittance are similar to colleges and universities, with a few exceptions:

  1. Fees are generally lower and vary according to program and school.
  2. Written references are usually not required.
  3. Trade and technical schools offer more options for basic certification.

A third option for quality assurance training in Indiana is online technical universities and colleges. These vary so greatly, so consideration will require research. Attending job fairs is a great way to find additional information.


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